The Race for the Mayor of Hathian!

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The few years for Hathian have seen our little town go through it’s ups and downs, none moreso down than the explosion that nearly destroyed our livelihood. But as we now rebuild and remake our lives, Hathian City Council has decided the time has come for a new Mayor to be entrusted with the future of our town.

After gathering the needed signatures & forms, six viable candidates are up for election. Citizens, be sure to get out there and grill these men and women, embrace your civic duty! Debates & speeches TBA! Voting will take place the week of June 5th, with our new mayor announced on June 8th!

2011 Election Candidates (name, occupation, campaign goals)

Elseworth Taov,  Mechanic at Hathian Motors: “This city needs a reform! There are too many criminals, too many people on the streets cracked out and ready for a bang. There needs to be more cops, patrolling more places and for longer times….pfft fuck that. The cops need to be gone, they interfere with way too much. This city needs to be run by the people, for the people. They need to be able to know that their voices are heard and they wont be lost in the midst of a million drug addicts. Gangs need more prominent places in the crime rings. Why, who wouldnt like a little leg up? Else will get the job done, she knows what’s going on.”

Cal Revestel, retired HPD Detective: “It is the intention of Mr. Revestel, if elected – to bring the new Hathian into a brighter and better tomorrow. He promises to lower the crime rate, increase the conviction rate, find funding for better schools, medical care and emergency services as well as kindle a growing economical strength.”

Roc Furse, Warehouse worker: “”People of Hathian, being new to town I’d like to thank many of you for their warm welcome. Seeing how many of you struggle to get by on a daily basis, I want to be involved and do whatever is within my power for this community.It is about time that we do away with bureacracy and put power back where it belongs: in the hands of people! No more wasting valuable tax money on endless townhall meetings or wining and dining the privileged few. That money belongs to the people, and that means US! We need better roads, a mains network that does not black out when we need it most and streets that are safe for our children to walk on!We need to say ‘STOP’ to corruption. We need to stay ‘STOP’ to crime. But most of all we need to say ‘STOP’ to anything that prevents us from entering the bright future that is ours to grasp!We need to make it work for all us, not only for the town of Hathian itself, but for all areas surrounding it. I see a great future for Greater Hathian and it is ours for the taking! We will re-invest the money where it should have been invested from the start: to make your lives better!Vote for the Greater Hathian Re-Investment Party and get a GHRIP on your future!”

Lena Koslov, Columtreal University Student: “Better funding for the public education and hospitals. Cut crime rates and drug trafficking.”

Heidi Optera, Columtreal University Student: “I have Goals for Hathian that I know if they’re executed correctly will uplift the economy. One, SAFER CITY: Rapid, effective and coordinated response to an emergency – Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works. Police highly visible with people feeling safe and confident in the response. Safer Infrastructure. Improve all-hazards and disaster preparedness. Work with Community through partnerships in safety for education of the public and prevention of crimes by talking to inform of consequences. Two, CITY RESPONSIBILITY: Championship workforce in community – people are professional, well-trained, & appropriately compensated. Development as a Regional Business Center of Excellence. Central Medical and Health Center providing health care for people of both lower and higher classes. Three, NEIGHBORHOODS: Housing consistent with neighborhood character. Pedestrian-Friendly Community with multi-use trails, network for bikes and pedestrians to connect neighborhoods and community. Consider options for effective intra-city public transportation system linking activity centers – trolley, electric bus, monorail, water taxi as to help those that walk around the city. Four, A WELL PLANNED COMMUNITY: Expansion of arts and cultural opportunities and venues. New Developments and Redevelopments consistent with Hathian’s heritage. THESE THINGS WILL create an environment to encourage citizens to live, to work, to play and to shop in beloved Hathian!”

Robert “Bobby” Boxer, Small Business Owner “Boxer’s Health & Fitness”: “If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true.”


((Special thanks to Black Hotaling & Esperanza Hernandoz for brainstorming this event. Have an idea for a sim-wide event? Please drop a notecard to Nadir Taov!))

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