Cue Music: Rader Back in Business

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No one can remember exactly when Rader Records was turned into nothing, but rubble. It had seemed to be just another loss to go along with the many the city was suffering. We do know that it has about two years though, since any music was blasted down Main Street – It was something that stopped before the flames had destroyed what was left of the iconic building that seemed to embrace the love of music, vinyl and blood. While under new ownership, Rader seems to be absent of the red and black bands thats were once paraded by the former gang, The Rejects, and for now it seems to be absent the blood that seemed to stick to the air you breathed when you walked in the store (despite the fact the store is run by former member, Esperanza Hernandoz).  The windows now glow with the soft purple of the blacklights that create a party atmosphere inside. No longer is there just dust and vinyl. CDs line the walls along with the classic albums, listening booths have been installed, Tshirts hang off shiny racks and one can even download music straight to their MP3 players right in their store from their website, on a  laptop that is guarded by a friendly face behind the register. Yes, friendly – we eveb tested it out. Coming back with Rader is WKRK now called: WKRK The Disposal. Fitting, we think. Perhaps this is another sign that Hathian is really getting back on its feet. Citizens no longer have to tune into happy movies to hear music in the air and they don’t need extra long antennas to hear music ON the air. After some watching, we encourage citizens to check the place out along with the other fun that has popped up around the city. ‘Can’t buy me love’, but now we can buy us some music again.

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