A Personal Apology

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In the recent past few weeks, I have single handedly managed to scar my image and reputation. I have decided to come forward publicly and offer my apologies to those whom I have wronged for reasons which are immature and stupid in its own right.

To the Hathian Police Department, I solemnly apologize for my actions toward the department and its staff therein. The department has been my home and solitude for years and it was not right for me to accuse the department of crime and corruption, when in fact we are very efficient in our duties and aim to protect and serve.

To Doctor Lake Gavilan, I full heartedly regret ever hurting you the way I did and I should have never left but I feel the bridge has been burned, however a friendship would be greatly welcomed.

To Captain Hendrich Andel, You are an admirable man and a fearless leader who inspires those on your good side. I apologize for the things I attempted toward you, and I thank you for the opportunities you have allowed me to endure.

To Officer Brooklyn Manamiko, I feel great sorrow for the words I have said to you over the past few weeks. Even though I have already apologized, I feel the need to do it again, I am sorry.

To Detectives Sora Senezin and Dax CarverSora, I apologize for ever flipping on you and throwing my ASP at you that night. Dax, you always know how to keep your job and personal life separate and I thank you for setting me in the right direction.

To anyone else I may have missed or withheld for personal reasons, I am sorry for the trouble and misguided images of myself that I have projected against you.

Sergeant John Morpork
Hathian Police Department

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