College Girls Bare All At MAD Protest Turned Cat Fight

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In what was suppose to be a protest about high tuition fees, soon turned into a cat fight that included bare breast double D’s, shouts, punching, phlegm, and lots of scratching.

“You dirty bitch! I don’t want AIDs!” one girl screamed when another spit brightly colored phlegm into her face.

The crowd quickly grew vicious as adrenaline soared.  Men and woman began to call for more blood as the girls clawed at each other’s bare breasts.

“I want you to kick this bald bitch’s ass!” one woman yelled out as she jumped into the fight attempting to kick one of the girls’ in the head.

Is this what Columtreal University has become?  A place of mud fights, without the mud?  Maybe we should make the tuition fees even higher so that we can discourage such trash from attending our prestigious university.

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