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A stunning revelation this week out of Devils Pocket, where reports of massive corruption and violence are coming out of one of Hathian’s premier correctional facilities. From the lower level guards straight up to Warden Koda Viper himself, inmates have been reportedly subjected to repeated & excessive abuses while chained up in a receiving line-like manner; at least for the female population. As one inmate revealed through a face full of bruises, some of these abuses include sexual assault using a combative substance more commonly called “pepper spray”, hosing down inmates in the dead of winter, others being left naked out in the yard overnight with zero shelter. While a full list of staff has not been discovered yet, a few notable names include Seaside Principal Treaty Juliessse, brother of Tre Chevelier-Juliessse, and his son Blake Juliessse, a recently hired HPD recruit despite his severe & catastrophic intestinal digestive disorder that has been known to cause violent fecal outbursts.

One might disregard this as karma for unleashing their own brand of terror upon Hathian, but it seems the corruption & abuse has left some of our town’s most dangerous criminals untouched and even “protected”. Rumor of a deal between the warden and members of longstanding Hathian criminal outfit Ace’s Crew has allowed those in their ranks to receive less of the treatment bestowed upon their unlucky cellmates, including protection from outside sources interfering in prison dealings. One HPD Detective, Calabane Revestel, is currently investigating some of these reports, though he is left fighting for his life as he remains in a coma at Hathian General Hospital after an accident last week, while his kin, as an inmate explains, has been assaulted so severely, she is currently unable to walk.

Will newly crowned HPD Captain Hendrich Andel take up the charge in place of his loyal detective? Will Hathian’s criminals be reduced to these reported inhumane conditions for the foreseeable future while authorities work to restore the very town destroyed by sin? Only time, and your Hathian Observer, will tell.

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