Multi-faceted business opens in District 8

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by guest columnist Gilly Gant:

Upon taking my morning stroll through District 8 a few days ago I noticed an old warehouse with the most peculiar smells coming from inside.

On closer inspections my sniffer figured what must be donuts, quite possibly hot chocolate and there was surely something else sugary inside as well. The sign-age said “Short and Sweet” and the atmosphere was amazing. Walking into a; what I can only describe as ‘Friend-esq’ and Vintage; atmosphere I was greeting with warm smiles, an offering to take my coat and was told to sit wherever I would be most comfortable.

Pondering the menu sitting on the table in front of me I saw the most colorful array of baked goods and sweet drinks anyone with a sweet tooth could ask for plus the Bakers Item of the day, which is apparently, whatever the Bakers decide to tack onto the menu for the day.

So, whilst I was sitting in my arm chair in front of the fire, trying my best to ignore the couple canoodling on the couch next to me I noticed a few people walking up and down the stairs next to the bar, booking appointments for salon treatments, massages, I honestly couldn’t quite fathom it. Taking a tentative step away from my comfortable fire side arm chair I went up, and saw, a menu for Salon service, the whole lot, Hair Styling, Manicures, Massages and by Lord they even had a tanning bed.

So with a full tummy and gaining confidence that this was probably my dream come true I booked myself in for a light tanning session followed by a manicure.

By far one of the more enjoyable experiences I’ve had, and located conveniently behind the D8 Row houses.

((written by Agatha Udimo))

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