HPD PRESS RELEASE: Hathian Police Academy Opening Ceremonies

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The Hathian Police Department is proud to announce the opening of the department’s first full time training academy. The facility is located in Black Bottom between the Columtreal Library and the border with Devils Pocket. The opening will occur on Monday, September 13th at 4:00 pm SLT. Events will begin with a ceremony in remembrance of the 9/11 Terror attacks, and a salute to those individuals who lost their lives that day. Following will be the official opening and dedication of the new Hathian Police Academy. The public is welcome to attend, and is reminded that all persons on police department property are subject to search, and must provide valid identification prior to entry.

The Hathian Police Academy is a state of the art facility, which will operate in a close relationship with Columtreal University. On site facilities and amenities include dormitory housing for all students, an indoor firing range, cardio and weight gyms, and the simulation village, a small scale city block to be used for hands on training to provide recruits with the most realistic training possible. A large parade ground is situated at the center of the complex, which will be the site of the opening ceremonies, as well as future graduations, press briefings, and other public addresses made by the department.

This department is proud and excited to be receiving these facilities, and the ability to provide dynamic, cutting edge training to all officers in our constant effort to combat the gang and criminal culture that has steadily been creeping into our wonderful community. This massive, iconic new structure stands as a message to the criminal world that a new dawn is rising over the shores of Hathian, and you can run, but you will only go to jail tired.

Please direct all inquires to Harata Farleigh, HPD Public Relations officer.

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