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“I would first like to say that I am very honored to be given a chance to represent the city of Hathian in a court of law.  I promise that as Assistant District Attorney, I will work hard with the Hathian Police Department to bring those who thieve on putting fear and pain into the citizens of this city will be brought to justice swiftly and harshly.  The people of Hathian will not have to live in fear of the criminal scum of this city any longer.
I would also like to add that this lawsuit against the Hathian Police Department started by Jonah Millar will be handled by me personally.  This so called “attorney for the people” has hindered the Hathian Police Department in performing their duties in protecting and serving the city of Hathian.  His actions have also endangered the lives of the fine hard working officers of the Hathian Police Department.  One of Millar’s cilents, Piper Rewell, was one of the people responsible for the assault of Sergeant Lilana Macbain eariler this month that caused her to be put into intensive care at Hathian General Hospital. I have a personal message for Mr. Jonah Millar: “Your constant harassment of the Hathian Police Department has come to an end”.   My first duty as Assistant District Attorney is to start a countersuit against Mr. Millar and Ms. Piper Rewell for malicious prosecution, aggravated harassment, and defamation of character of the officers of the Hathian Police Department.”
Statement provided by Lt. Hendrich Andel on behalf of said ADA.
((written by Hendrich Andel))
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