Officer Anthony Gavilan Accused Of Murder

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Could one of Hathian’s finest be a murderer? Officer Anthony Gavilan, a family man and respected officer of the law was recently promoted to Detective; but some in Hathian accuse him of murdering an unarmed, paralyzed man suffering from mental illness.

Matthew Oakleaf, an ex-con with a history of mental health issues is accused of kidnapping a local teen. Gavilan, hailed as a hero for tracking down and rescuing the child is also being decried as a cold blooded murderer by some in Hathian. Oakleaf’s mother, Katherine Glover came to the Observer after her complaint against Detective Gavilan was allegedly ignored. She shared with the Observer a copy of an official autopsy report that ruled Matthew Oakleaf’s death as a homicide; but the report filed by Gavilan said that he shot Oakleaf in self-defense. Which is the truth, which is a lie? Below we have attached both Gavilan’s report and the autopsy. You be the judge…is one of Hathian’s finest a cold blooded killer?

Hathian Police Department Incident Report

Incident Time and Date:
31 July 2010 1730 hours

Incident Location:
Abandoned industrial building, Devil’s Pocket

Officers Attending:
Officer Tony Gavilan
Officer John Morpork

Criminal Offense Committed:
HPC-208 Assault of a Police Officer
HPC-209 Assault with a Deadly Weapon
HPC-210 Aggravated Assault
HPC-211 Aggravated Battery
HPC-212 Assault
HPC-213 Battery
HPC-214 False Imprisonment
HPC-708 Trespass

Further Action:
No further action necessary.

Victim Details:
Emilee Nirvana
Ebony Williams

Suspect Details:
Matthew Oakleaf

Witness Details:
Venus Grace

Items Stolen or Taken:

Weapons Used:

Evidence Recovered:
Officer Gavilan’s Glock 17

Summary of Events:
Officer Gavilan arrived at an ice cream shop in Black Bottom after the witness, Venus Grace, called 911 reporting that the suspect was in the process of assaulting a teenage girl. The suspect fled right before the officer arrived; scared away by the number of witnesses that were on scene. Officer Gavilan checked on the victim and spoke with the witness briefly until EMT Rog Messmer arrived on the scene. He then transferred care of the victim to the paramedic and pursued the suspect in his sedan.

Officer Gavilan located and identified Matthew Oakleaf at an eatery on the college campus a few minutes later. He matched the description given by the suspect, as well as mug shots and the established MO obtained by the officer from previous work on this investigation. At this time, the officer identified himself and commanded the suspect to surrender. The suspect briefly grappled with the officer, becoming injured himself in the process, before fleeing out the side door into the alleyway behind it.

The suspect was pursued by the officer due to the blood droplets left behind after the suspect sustained his injury. This led the officer to an abandoned industrial building in Devil’s Pocket. Upon infiltrating the building, Officer Gavilan found the suspect as well as kidnapping victim Ebony Williams. He gained forced entry to the room and demanded the suspect surrender. Instead, Oakleaf used the girl as a human shield, taking her out on the the balcony of the room.

Either by accident or design, the suspect fell over the balcony railing, taking his victim with him. Officer Gavilan also jumped from the balcony to the ground below, losing possession of his sidearm in the process. The officer landed near the girl and cut her ropes, telling her to run while the suspect was still stunned from his fall. Before the officer had a time to aquire control over the suspect, he had picked up the officer’s sidearm off the ground. Officer Gavilan responded by drawing his backup revolver from an ankle holster and discharged two shot, both striking Oakleaf in the chest.

The officer called for backup, and Officer Morpork arrived on the scene with NPC paramedics. Matthew Oakleaf was declared dead on the scene and Officer Gavilan transported Ebony Williams by his sedan to HGH, where she was handed off to Drs. Ansar and Stratten. In light of events, no witness statement from Ms. Grace or the second victim is required

Signature of Reporting Officer:
Officer Tony Gavilan



CASE # 3714 Final (x)

NAME: Matthew Oakleaf
AGE: Approx 36 years HEIGHT: 6’1″
RACE : White Aprox. WEIGHT: 185 LBS
SEX: Male EYES: Hazel HAIR: DK Brown

ITEMS WITH VICTIM: Blue jeans, blue shirt, black shoes, under shorts and tee shirt. Socks

Date and time of autopsy: July 25 & 26, 2010 between the hours of 23:45, 25 – 06:00, -26
Manner of death: Homicide.

TIME OF DEATH: Approximate. between the hours of 18:00 and 19:00 hours July 25, 2010

Cause of death: Victim had two gunshot wounds fired at close range, one penetrating the left ventricle of the heart, moving through the heart leaving a massive exit on the right side. This injury is the cause of death. The other gunshot wound went through the diaphragm and severed the spinal cord on exit, rendering patient in a total paralyzed state.

1. Body showing no decomposition.
2. No signs of struggle.
3. Victim either jumped or was pushed form
two story building.
4. Sustained fractures in spinal column.
5. Sustained fractured sternum
6. Fractures of right arm, two inches above
the elbow.
7. Fracture of left wrist.
8. Fractured pelvis.
9. Fractured left hip
10. Fractured left foot
11. Fractures right ankle.
12. Bruises over 50% of body shows victim was pushed or jumped alive. Lungs were filling up with fluid further indicating he
was still alive on impact, bruising is
extensive showing he was alive long
enough for platelets to burst and dis-
color the skin, something that does not
happen with a corpse.
13. Two 9 mm bullets removed from body.

TOXICOLOGY: Negative for alcohol

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The body is that of a middle aged male, one hundred eighty five pounds and six foot one inch tall. Strong and healthy.

IDENTIFICATION: The identity of decedent was established Police, body delivered to the morgue.

HEAD AND NECK: Head normally shaped. Hair short, dark brown. Eyes protruding 0 percent. Petechial hemorrhaging not present in the conjuctival surfaces of the eyes. The pupils measure 0.5 cm., equal and round; the peri orbital areas have no ecchymoses. The teeth are natural, and oral hygiene is passive. Intra oral petequia are not present.

TRUNK: The chest is not increased in the posteriormente. The breasts are masculine. The body shows trauma before death with venous discoloration and breaks in the above mentioned areas. The back and buttocks have no natural abnormalities. The anus is normal no lacerations and no visible scars. The external genitalia are appropriate for age and have no injuries. There no abrasions and bruises indicting a struggle.

EXTREMITIES: The extremities are symmetrical and without natural deformities. Bruising and breaks indicitive of falling before victim died.

INTERNAL: The body cavities are opened in the standard autopsy fashion. The organs are
present in their usual anatomic locations and relationships. Little blood is present in the pleural cavities with no evidence of empyema, purulent exudate or acute inflammation of the serous cavities. There is some tissue discoloration.

Routine organ weights are as follows: heart, 338 gm; right lung, 488 gm; left lung, 501 gm;
liver, 1499 gm; spleen, 61 gm; pancreas, 146 gm; right kidney, 131 gm; left kidney, 152 gm; and brain, 1402 gm.


TRACE EVIDENCE: Right fingernail clippings; left fingernail clippings; did not find any foreign tissue.


1. Samples of Blood (type O+), Bile, and Tissue (heart, lung, brain, kidney, liver, spleen).
2. Finger nail scrapings.
3. Fifteen (15) autopsy photographs.
4. One postmortem CT scan.
5. One postmortem MRI.

Victim’s blood, B Positive.

Immediate Cause of Death: GSW to Heart.

Manner of Death: Homicide

Remarks: Victim was pushed or jumped from at least a two story building. Patient survived the fall. The amount of bruising indicates he was still alive until two bullets were shot from very close range, one into his heart… death from the bullet fired into the aortic valvue would have caused immediate death.

Dr. Jasmine Slade
FME, SMD, HGH, Hathian, La

((Editor’s Note: Both the medical report and police report were ICly obtained, and approval was granted to publish both.))

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