Hathian Attorney Leads Crusade Against Police Brutality

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Just weeks after reports were filed accusing the police of having the Aces their payroll, local attorney and native Texan Jonah Millar has come forward with some new and shocking allegations against the police department. According to Millar, police brutality and excessive force is being used by the Hathian Police Department against the citizens of Hathian. Earlier in the week, Millar filed a lawsuit against the Hathian Police Department for police brutality and excessive force in the case of suspected Rejects gang member Piper Rewell.

“We have several documents and testimonies to support the case, including medical files that show she was treated several times, including while in jail for injuries she had received at the hands of the police. One injury she had received, a fractured hip, had just been repaired; but the next day after she got out of jail, she had to go get it repaired once again. It is animal cruelty to treat someone this way, be it a criminal or an innocent. We cannot stand for this!” Jonah Millar said.

Millar has filed a lawsuit on Rewell’s behalf seeking reimbursement for medical bills and loss of income. And the Texas lawyer is now saying that he will be adding his own complaints to the slew of police brutality accusations after allegedly being punched in the face by Lieutenant Hendrich Andel after filing a police report with the department.

“He just walked right up to me, held the paper out and punched it into my face. He broke my glasses and busted my nose. He was very barbaric.” Jonah said.

Millar also added that he is asking any individuals who have been the victims of police brutality in Hathian to come forward to take part in a class action lawsuit against the Hathian Police Department.

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