Now Open: Val’s Irish Pub! “Craic agus ceoil!”

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Opening of Val’s Irish Pub!

Students and Black Bottom Residents will have another reason to celebrate with the brand new opening of ‘Val’s Irish Pub’ on the 29th July 2010! (12-5pm Grand Opening)

It was with great excitement that I managed to catch Valmont Marseille amidst his opening preparations and pin him down for some information, and grab a crafty Guinness of course. Val is a well known Bar tender around town and we can usually find him managing Lou’s at all hours serving Hathian’s finest. So what spurred him on to open his own pub you may ask?

Well, since I became manager at Lou’s … well ever since working in pubs in Boston and Dublin, I always wanted a place of my own. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Black Bottom with friends, especially the campus crowd, and I thought there was an opportunity for somewhere that students could hang out in, say to unwind after classes. ¬†We’re hoping to provide a “local” for Black Bottom residents to enjoy!”

This may be well and good but what makes Val’s Irish Pub stand out from the competition?

Val explains, “We’ve got a wide range of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, thanks to my supplier contacts throughout the state of New Orleans. And the best Guinness on draught in Hathian, I hope!”

It seems Val is confident the quality of his Guinness , pool table, stage for live music and craic will lure the local crowd, and who could argue with this!

So if you missed the Grand Opening, be sure to sample the legendary Irish charm, as Val says the “Craic agus Ceoil!” and if you don’t know what that means, I am sure Val will explain.

Val is keen to encourage other local Black Bottom Business owners and will be working closely with Angel Brew and the Dollhouse to provide a number of venues for sorority and frat events.

For cash strapped Students or locals there are some Job Opportunities, especially experienced bartenders, waiters, and handymen. Please call Valmont Marseille at 6969-696

First week – 20% off all drinks. CU staff 10% discount on production of student card

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