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In these troubled times, Hathianites must rely on local law enforcement to provide protection and serve as guardians to those not involved in the disputes of criminals. In a perfect world, that is. For this small Louisiana town, the history of the Hathian Police Department is a much messier tale. After years of corruption, with strongly rumored ties to the Rejects, Ace’s Crew, and even the Bloods and Cerberus, current Captain Joseph Ravinelli swept through the force months ago, firming up the ranks and solidifying the department as a cohesive cooperative unit. The HPD has served since as force to be reckoned with, throwing down a swift baton of justice against any criminal who dare disturb this otherwise peaceful little town.

However, in the past few weeks, while regular folks have been subjected to fires and explosions and the Wrath of God as handed down by Taja’s War, it seems, as observed by various citizens and reporters on staff, that Hathian’s only Law is back to it’s old tricks again.

A high-ranking official in the department known only as Lieutenant was overheard speaking to another individual regarding taking payment of some sort from Rabid Calhern, current leader of Ace’s Crew. This type of hearsay event would not normally be given much credit But, given the history, along with the recent press release given to the Observer shortly after the Aces blew up Rader Records, Will’s House, & a Reject meth lab, in which the Captain himself paints the recent explosions as mere gas leaks, there is no greater conclusion to be made than the corrupt department Hathian has grown to loathe is back, and working as co-conspirators for Hathian’s largest gang, ineffective to stop the destruction of the very place many call ‘home’.

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