Help or hinderance? How good are the HPD?

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Take a walk around Hathian city center, or even in the suburbs, and you’ll notice them. They are everywhere we go…the voice of reason in a city as dark as it’s most filth-ridden corner; the silent but effective force keeping evil at bay; the ever fair voice of the electorate, right? Well, as the non-commital voice of the press I’ll let you good citizens make up your own minds. Read on, if you dare!

Late yesterday afternoon a private reporter came across an unlocked gate at the back of the Hathian Police precinct, and in the interests of investigative journalism, ventured inside. It was here he learned the truth. The precinct itself is itself is seriously understaffed, and in a poor state of repair…a sign of an underfunded department that is evidently struggling to balance the books as well as the crime figures. We are now able to bring you exclusive pictures from inside the precinct showing the dark, dreary interior…and more worryingly…the lack of police presence!

Were Hathian’s finest out fighting crime? Were they busy raiding the Titty Twister, or supping coffee at the Grind? Well readers, it’s just as likely that our gallant officers were out extorting money from innocent citizens. Just yesterday, I was taking a walk in Black Bottom when an officer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, approached me and demanded an unwarranted search of my bag. On refusal, he then demanded money in exchange for not planting evidence and carrying out an illegal arrest.

Shocking stuff indeed. But have things gone so far that we should be shocked, or even surprised at the level of corruption creeping into Hathian’s police department. If the police are so far down the line, then what of the courts entrusted with upholding justice at the final hurdle. This is a sad indictment of the

Where are all the cops?
Where are all the cops?

police force, but one I fear will still go unnoticed. Does this make me feel safe in the city I call home…it doesn’t one bit. So ask yourself the question readers…do you feel safe?

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