Local Man Left for Dead

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Hathian – Alleged gang leader turned business man, Lars ‘Ace’ Calhern was found outside of the Rub ‘n Tug in the early morning hours.  The details of the attackers are still under investigation.

Mr. Calhern is the operating owner of the local massage parlor the Rub ‘n Tug, and has a scholar ship program open for students who wish to attend the university but are unable to pay for it.  Mr. Calhern is also allegedly called Ace and is the leader of a local gang called Ace’s Crew.  With tags seen all over north shore road no one really knows how large or influential the gang is, but one thing is for certain, no one really wants to find out.

No formal police report has been filed as of yet, though local experts seem to think that this result in what is called as street Justice.  Mr. Calhern has been allegidly tied to local arms trafficking as well as the head of a local prostitution ring.

When police were contacted the refused to comment on the matter itself saying only that “The fine citizens of Hathian have nothing to worry about from common place thugs”

The main question on everyone’s mind seems to be what is the fall out of such an act going to be? Is it going to spark up more intese gang violence, or are there other things of the seleves of the underworld heads

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