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Slim Goodies Diner lit up the sky in a huge fire tonight sending patrons and workers fleeing into the street to escape the possibility of death. While the cause is unknown at the time, the fire department worked quickly to put out the blaze before it spread to other buildings.

A local business owner, Rippen Dagger, owner of The Daily Grind said she saw the one responsible for setting the blaze, and while it has not been confirmed she believes it was Kendra Coakes, who she says is crazy.

“I feel it is a travesty that the once chief of staff at HGH would resort to such juvenile behavior,” Dagger continued. “It’s enough to make a business owner sick. But the good people of Hathian have another option, at least. They are welcome to the Daily Grind, where we will be having a half price sale on coffee for the next week, in honor of our friends at Slims, all proceeds from the sale of the coffee will go to rebuilding the diner.”

Boysie Blaisdale, FDH Captain, made this statement about the fire, “At the moment is investigations are underway to determine the cause of the fire, were working very closely with the police and we should have a outcome later this afternoon.”

This incident is still under investigation.

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