Heat Wave Strikes Hathian!

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Winter in Hathian is always short and sweet, but many residents are glad to see it go. As the snow melts into the gutters and the water drains into the bay, the people come out to play; play, being a relative term meaning, “criminals running amuck through Hathian with reckless abandon.”


Warm weather brings out the worst in Hathian, as crime statistics soar when the weather is most pleasant. Why is this the case you ask? It’s quite simple to explain! Innocents and vagabonds alike do not enjoy the harsh cold and burning sensation of snow.


Just because the streets are warming up, doesn’t mean would-be-victims can’t pack some heat! Remain ever vigilant people of Hathian, for the welfare of our bodies and properties may lie within our own hands.


Despite this urge to defend oneself from urban dangers, one should strive not to be a defender of the weak. Many aspiring saviors often meet a bloody end, due to overzealous ambitions to save the world. Don’t be hero, heroes get shot! It’s a general rule of thumb in Hathian, that it’s better not to stick our necks out, for someone will cleave them right off.


Citizens of Hathian, just because the weather is warm does not mean it’s time to go crazy or let guards down. Keeping calm, sane, and cautious is the key to survival in this gang land.




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