Internal Affairs Agent Added To Hathian PD

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Hathian- A press release by the mayor’s office states an internal affairs officer will join the Hathian Police Department. According to the statement, the officer is there to investigate corruption among officers and citizens.

Rumors have run rampant of a select few citizens paying local officials for protection, even after the recent FBI investigation to the embezzlement charges on Lieutenant Noonan and the late Capitan Mahoney.

No names are given, the release infers local criminals habitually pay off key personnel in the department to stay out of hand cuffs and in some cases even help with alleged distribution of narcotics and other vices.


This is just another step in a string of events that casts serious doubt upon local law enforcement. In a recent study by the Hathian Obeserver, 80% of citizens believe the HPD is an unjust organization, with no real desire to project and serve. When asked if people think that the HPD itself was a criminal organization, 65% of people responded that they do.

With the spotlight on the internal workings of local law enforcement, one can only hope that the streets will finally be rid of crime and pollution that plagues the towns population.

Complaint forms can be found in Hathian resident’s mail boxes. The mayor’s internal affairs agent advises citizens to fill out the form in event of an officer’s abuse of the badge. Citizens may submit their forms to the local police department.

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