Fire Department Hathian Recruitment Drive

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District 8 – On Sunday November 1st, Chief Callum Mondegreen announced that the FDH is holding a semi annual recruitment drive to replace missing and unaccounted for firefighters and medics. He feels that the new station, situated in District 8, should be used for more then for Capt. Messmer to pick up women and to increase the ability of the FDH to respond to the calls for help.


As of press time, Cheif Mondagreen is unavailable for comment however, three local residents comment on the drive.


Kate Pera, a local HPD lieutenant, remarks, “You can always see how well you professionalism they maintain when putting out the local fires.”


Roxanna Beck, one of Hathian’s tireless social workers adds, “You could mention how the department tirelessly puts out several fires at a time.” 


Lorelai Congrejo, noted defense lawyer follows up with, “Join the FDH, and learn from the best! Rog knows how to put out multiple fires all at one time.”


Capt. Messmer is only able to murmur, “God yes.”


Anyone interested in joining the FDH should apply at the FDH station in District 8. They are seeking personal for both firefighting and EMT positions.







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