Fash Bash

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As a proud citizen of our exuberant city I, Madeline Levenque, fashion extraordinaire, would like to offer my certain-to-be well-received opinions on fashion.

To begin, I feel that its important when discussing proper attire, one should be aware of items of clothing to avoid when entering the glorious town of Hathian. Please note, these may appeal to yourself or others, but really, that doesn’t make them acceptable. The items listed below should be banned purely for the prevention of the immense waves of nausea that they can and do produce.

  • Fabric sparing skirts. Please, for the love of all things fashion, introduce your ass cheeks to your skirt and allow said skirt to form a protective relationship with not one, but both cheeks. This is crucial to developing a healthy wardrobe.
  • Pepto BisNO. While neon colors are all the rage lately, florescent “HERE I AM, DO ME NOW” clothing should … die. There is no nice way to say this, Day-Glo pink on your arms, legs, feet and even hair is never ok. Even if your mismatched purple bustier begs all of it to accompany it on your nightly outing. Just say….no.
  • Men, listen up please. While SecondLife features some of the top designers in the industry, you must always remember one key thing when shopping: Shirts, must ALWAYS, meet your pants, at least. Midriff baring, is not cute for guys. We don’t like your belly button, cover it.


Never one to end on a negative note, I’d like to highlight a fashion do that was seen recently on our very own streets!

  • Pink Bunny Slippers. Wear ’em, and wear ’em well. While seen rushing past in what could only be assumed a treacherous carrot raid, the blur of pink was worn with pride, by one of Hathian’s finest criminals. No doubt about it, he’s starting a trend. Tough guys….you’re missing out if you’re not rocking the hot pink furry kicks.


Keep the streets fashionable until next time, yo. 

xoxo, Maddy.

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