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I had my first unfortunate soul who needed my help today….

“Dear Zaira

I am having money problems and I am depressed. I work at my local job to earn pennys, and just yesterady I was attacked and robbed. Now I can t have sex because my girlfriend is mad that i cant get that shitty corsset from the thrift store, and I dont have the money to go get a whore. I tried a few other jobs both legal and illegal but that only led to me spending time in the hospital, and now I have those bills at the ass too.. Help before I become homeless

SomeFuckedUP Guy”


My first thoughts go to your poor girlfriend, having a boyfriend who is unable to get it up must be very traumatic for her, especially as you are now dirt poor and having nothing going for you.

Saying that, I am sympathetic, I have been homeless myself and it’s no fun – what you must do is swallow any pride you may have left and do whatever it takes to stay afloat, work two jobs, even selling your almost worthless ass to pay the bills.  If you can’t afford a whore, then why don’t you just use rohypnol on someone just off the bus like everyone else?

Get a grip, and go get yourself a job you lazy bastard.

All my best wishes for the future


Auntie Zaira


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