Citizen Alive – Miracle or Hospital Foul Up

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Hathian – Citizen discovered alive this week, after a believed death due to burns about a month ago.  The citizen who will remain nameless to protect her identity has been seen out and about town, by the grace of god some say.  The hospital declared her dead after a suspected cardiac arrest, which was believed to be spurred on by shock to the body after she received burns over 90% of her body.  A pending investigation has begun, looking into several questions that have been raised according to Hathian General’s procedure in processing post mortem bodies.

According to sources, a man entered the hospital in the middle of the night, replacing the citizen with an unknown victim, who was badly burned as well, and walked out the side door.  Serious questions have been raised on Hospital security in the past, and this event only fuels the debate.

Hathian General has refused to comment on the status of the doctor who declared the woman dead, as well on the state of security inside the building.  “Things are being handled on our end, to do everything that we can do to investigate the situation” says the hospital spokesperson.

According to court papers received from a source a law-suit has been filed by the citizen, claiming several different malpractice suits, “Medical Malpractice”, “Hospital Error”, “Hospital Malpractice”, as well as”Doctor Negligence”.  Due to these claims, the CDPD has also initiated an investigation for any criminal wrong doing on either party.  Check back soon for further details.

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