Letter to the Editor

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Dear Mr. Editor:

I have been reading your news paper daily, infact it is a vital tool to my survaival.  I would like to say thank you for providing the City of Hathian with such fine quality,  With all the pluses that this paper provides me, i would like to think that there could be a change or two.

I was thinking that maybe you could print the paper on a diffrent quality materail, such as cotten or wool.  I would be alot warmer and it would serve me a great purpose if you could indeed do this for me.  Hell even a heavier paper that didnt rip so easy, so that when i tossed and turned at night it wouldn’t rip.  The paper tends to lose alot of my body heat at night, and falls apart rather easily.  With all those great minds at the college I am sure that you can come up with some sort of qustion to this answer.

Perhaps you could also give out more copies.  I have enough trouble digging into the dumpster getting what few are thrown out.  Maybe you could give me a free subscription or two.. or something like that.  If this is possible you can usually deliver them to me in that burned down builing off behind the graveyard.  I could even pass them out, well the unused ones for money.  Thats it! i can be your local distributer, and you can pay me to do so.  Now i wont have to collect coins from ass holes, and i will have extra things to whipe the dung off my ass.

So to wrap up my rambleings, and myself, Mr.  Editor thank you for such a life saving tool.  Lets make it better.



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