How Many of Hathian’s Finest Does it Take to Beat Down one of Hathian’s Best/Worst?

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It was an unusually calm Sunday afternoon in downtown Hathian when violence suddenly erupted at the local pawn shop. Six officers from the Hathian Police Department stormed the small shop in full riot gear to apprehend two members of the Kogarashi–a prominent criminal organization–while another two officers remained outside to assist. That bears repeating. Six versus two, with two more, ready to make it eight versus two.

This excessive show of force was claimed to be focused on one person, Brandie Kelly, owner of the pawn shop and whispered to be the underground Queen of Hathian as leader of the Kogarashi. The other purported object of the raid was Hathian resident Callista Paige, a frequent visitor of Hathian General Hospital’s mental health wing with Kogarashi ties and often described to be the human equivalent of being struck by a bolt of lightning.

Reports from numerous bystanders recalled flash bang grenades being deployed prior to being told to vacate the area, and many were under the assumption this directive was given in order to lower the number of witnesses to the particulars of the raid. One anonymous bystander noted being told it was “for (their) own safety” felt more like a disguised threat than a plea against accidental injury.

Closed-circuit video of the incident inside revealed it took being blinded, beaten with the butt of a rifle, and shot with bean bag rounds to take down Kelly, fighting back the entire time with broken ribs. Also injured in the fight against Brandie were pawn shop employees Sam (last name not given) and Juan Rodriguez, the latter noted to be deported back to his unnamed country of origin. Meanwhile, cameras outside the pawn shop showed Paige got the jump on two officers outside and fought like a wild animal until shocked with tasers, beaten with batons, and stomped on, breaking her fingers. Four officers to subdue Kelly and two to subdue Paige, both of whom were bleeding, had broken bones, and appeared to be struggling against their confines, literally dragged kicking and screaming into the SWAT van.

All of this would be nigh unbelievable, were it not for the pawn shop’s video surveillance footage and the accounts of several eyewitnesses. Six police officers, plus two more keeping watch, against two women. It may seem excessive to the average person, but Hathian Police Department really felt these two women more than merited the effort.

Perhaps it’s because of their allegedly criminal associations. The Kogarashi are by far the most well-known and prolific criminal organization in Hathian and have been actively ruling the streets of this town for years, running most other gangs out of business, if not completely out of town. Their members are mostly unknown as well, although there are a number of citizens the Hathian Police Department regularly keeps an eye on in an attempt to get a handle on the size and scope of the Kogarashi.

This surely has led to frustration for the police. Potentially anyone could be a Kogarashi. It could be the nice lady you buy your morning coffee and bagel from. It could be that weird drifter who’s always dumpster diving. It could be your bartender, your gardener, your neighbor. A member of the Kogarashi could be standing right next to you, and you may not know it. If it took eight police officers to take down just two members only briefly, how many would it take to get the entire gang if they don’t even know how many members there are?

This journalist hopes you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew, Hathian Police Department. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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