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Easily recognizable signs of new exotic club in town.
Hathian welcomed a new place to party over the weekend.  Across the street from Columtreal University’s Student Union building, Titties & Beer, yes that’s the actual name, opened its doors for customers and dancers both.  While dancers have been a little difficult to find for now, customers did show and were entertained by two very beautiful ladies.  While they never shared their names, they will forever be known as the reason the opening was a resounding success.  Titties & Beer opened with only one dancer on the payroll, and she was unable to report for work opening day.
Caliea Farrjones, newly hired manager, was quoted as saying it was the best time she’d ever had during a business opening and she hoped to experience it again soon.  While she wasn’t on the payroll as of opening day, Caliea has since joined the team and has some big plans for Hathian’s hottest new club.
The club decked out in red from the furniture to the stage and equipment on it, is tastefully arranged.  Unlike other clubs, it hasn’t been packed with tables to fit as many as possible.  Titties & Beer is furnished with couches and chairs on the first floor, set back from the stage so everyone has a clear view of the person dancing.
On the second floor, there are some card tables set up as well as some other games to pique a customer’s curiosity, and Caliea hopes to begin having card and game nights with some special prizes being offered for the high scorers.
Out the back door of the club, a pool, hot tob, and sauna have been installed, a first in the strip club world, Caliea says it’s a first in her experience, she’s never seen an exotic club also offer spa-like amenities.
While Caliea has some big ideas for every area of the club, she says dancers are her first priority, because ‘it’s not a strip club if there aren’t girls taking their clothes off’.
“First, I need to get some good dancers in here, so I’m going to be trying different things in order to hire them.  My first thought is to have amateur night, because what exotic club doesn’t open their stage to amateurs on occasion.  If that doesn’t work, then I’ll turn to possibly turning it into a contest and the winning dancer will be lead dancer, and second and third dancers will be hired with the chance to possibly beat out the winning dancer at some point to take her spot as lead dancer.  When I say lead dancer, I mean she’ll be our headline girl, the one everyone comes to see and the reason so many will stay and spend money just waiting to see her dance. Those are the only two ideas I have so far, but I have snippets of idea that I don’t want to spoil by sharing here.  So we’ll just keep those quiet for now.”
Caliea is asking for public input as to what night amateur night should be.  She also adds that on amateur nights, those brave enough to take the stage and show what they’re made of, literally and figuratively, will enjoy free drinks at the bar, for a week after the night of their debut.
When asked what would bring the customers and dancers in, Caliea shrugged…”I don’t know, all I can do is keep trying out my ideas and making sure word gets out .”
To audition as a dancer, interview for other positions, please email or call the club.  ((For additional details and submit feedback, please contact Caliea Farrjones, (caliea.Farrjones).))
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