Doll Maker Leaves Victims Strung Out in Stitches

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An anonymous tip to the Hathian Observer shared details of gruesome Doll Maker murders.

Victims, both female, share patterns of mutilation. Limbs were detached and reattached in particular positions. Mouths were cut into smiles secured by stitches. Pins impale various body parts and organs; the first victim in her heart and the second with money to her hands.

On December 19th, the first victim was discovered in critical condition within a Little New Orleans apartment. Paramedics attempted to stabilize the victim, but she succumbed to severe blood loss.

The second victim was discovered three days later at Batterie Beach. Rigor mortis and early stages of decomposition lead HGH pathologists to believe her murder occurred at least a day prior to discovery.

Hathian police could not be reached for comment. Related information is not available on the crime blotter.

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