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by Angelica Clare 14th of October, 2019.

BLOOD MARKS THE SPOT WHERE THE NOTORIOUS WHISTLEBLOWER MET AN END LAST NIGHT IN HATHIAN. Onlookers gasped in terror to witness the gun-riddled body early this morning, as authorities secured and canvassed the area. Various implements and substances were found at the crime scene, spiralling the city into a whirlwind of speculation and investigation.

The Whistleblower, well-known for the highly accusatory online presence via Twitter, and the smattering of distinct, bright orange graffiti tags throughout the city – was no stranger to adversary. Leaving behind a trail of caustic rumors, it is common knowledge that The Whistleblower was more foe than friend. With below-the-belt hits to local businesses – integral spokes of the history, culture and lifeforce of Hathian, the hot air blown out of proportion from the Whistleblower’s spout no doubt left a bitter taste for many. From accusations of drug smuggling, sex trafficking, prostitution, illegal firearms, human sacrifices, counterfeit money, and murder at pornography stores and hospitals alike, The Whistleblower has left more than one type of stain on Hathian’s community.

As it stands, the killer is still at large, and the streets of Hathian are lined with smoke and mirrors.



Please contact the Hathian Police Department and the Hathian Observer if you have any information.

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