EXPOSED: Charity poster girl steals thousands from emergency services

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Through weeks of investigation; it has come to light a charity poster child has been stealing tens of thousands of dollars meant for support of the Hathian Police Department and other emergency services.

Adeline Zero is accused of siphoning the funds from the Hathian Blue Charity and stealing close to $145,000 meant for equipment, aid, and services that our heroes in emergency services very much needed.

Above bank statements show the deposits of funds into an already lucrative account, Zero has several accounts.

It has been uncovered that these funds have been transferred into her account over the last two months; coincidentally coinciding with her recent promotion and support of the charity through social media.

“I think the charity was totally taken advantage of and unfortunately all the good people that were behind the cause and buying tickets for this ball wouldn’t have known their donations weren’t going anywhere but to her pockets….. I feel very sorry for them too, we have had to cancel the ball due to no funds…” The social media manager and PR spokesperson for the ball explained* (name withheld)

However called into question is the ethics of Hathian Police Department now, as Zero (pictured below) is married to Corporal Gael Zero and socializes frequently with senior members of the department including Detective Aruna Patel – Will her embezzlement be called into question? Will she be held responsible for this crime?

Adeline Zero, picture with brother Othello Zero, known terrorist threat, who has numerous crime connections, drug charges, and connections to the Russian organizations.

Integrity inside the Hathian Police Department must be questioned and under the microscope, but more importantly – Where is the additional $267,000 of donations that have been cited as missing?

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