Blood In The Water

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Swamp land, Louisiana Swamps courtesy of Airboat Adventures

There were some horrifying scenes this past week as local residents in the Vodou and Rogarou area of the bayou started to report the remains of a number of bodies that have recently been washed up on the borders of the region. It is claimed that this has been going on for a few weeks, but the bodies have subsequently disappeared, forcing a re-think on the local moonshine recipe.

A local resident claimed that while it was obvious that gators had eaten some of the bodies they all appeared to show signs of dismemberment which would indicate that they have been the victims of some scene straight out of a horror movie.

The Observer managed to speak to local resident Christian Volkoff who was quoted as saying, “This is my home. Our home. We have a right to feel safe in our homes. I hope the police do something and catch whoever this sick bastard is.”

The Hathian Observer contacted the Hathian Police Department for a statement on the matter and the officer on duty declined to comment saying that she could neither confirm or deny if HPD was aware of the case but if there was an ongoing investigation given the nature of the crime reported then it would be a case that was dealt with detectives.

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