Vudu Spice Running September Sale!

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Do you have any bad juju floating around in your life? Is there a certain someone in your life who you would like to see yourself getting down and dirty with, marrying, or procreating with but find yourself on the unreceiving end of a one-sided love affair? The Vudu Spice has what you’re looking for, from love potions to tarot readings, sales of various odds and ends, as well as our notorious Vudu Spice which we sell 100% legally as per Hathian, LA law!

Get a little something extra to kick start your day, or top off your evening! (PLEASE NOTE: The Vudu Spice is not responsible for any hallucinations, bad reactions, allergies, unpleasant dreams, or off-kilter fortunes that you may receive and all sales are at the buyers’ discretion and 100% final upon sale.)

For the month of September, we will be running a special on Ouija boards and live spiders, as we find ourselves and our dear shop owner with a bit of an over-abundance of both…

• Ouiji boards will be selling this week for $140 (regular $170)
• Spiders will be $50 (regular $80)

Aside from these two items, however, the Vudu specializes in a variety of novelty (and not so novelty) goods, such as:

• Vudu Spice™
• REAL Animal Bones
• Love Potions
• Exotic animals
• Various herbs, oils, lotions, and powders
• Charms
• Assorted books
• Runes
• Stones
• Candles
• Jewelry
• Nicknacks
• Palm & tarot readings
• …And much more!

Please stop in for a reasonable tarot reading, some spiced meat, or to sample some of our lovely goods and remember, ask for the lovely Dark!

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