Blood stained vehicle found, local resident sought

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Mississippi Police today reported finding an abandoned vehicle in the Bienville National Forest a few miles East of Jackson, Mississippi.  The vehicle was found by park rangers off interstate 20 sometime late Tuesday evening, having collided with trees twenty to twenty five feet into the forest.  Police are said they are concerned for the welfare of it’s driver given the  scene they reported to.  The vehicle appeared to have crashed through the foliage at speed coming to a stop after hitting a large tree severely damaging the front of the vehicle, and was found with it’s door open and a large amount of blood on the interior of the vehicle, but as yet Jackson Police Department have not located the driver at the scene, due to the possible severity of their injuries it is believed they may have not survived their injuries from the initial crash.


The Hathian Observer spoke to a representative from Mississippi Police Department, they have reported that the vehicle was a 1966 Red Dodge Charger registered to Hathian resident Liam McNeill.  Police said that that an empty wallet was found in the abandoned vehicle but that the contents, credit cards, drivers licence and money were missing and at the present time they suspect a robbery may have occurred after the crash with the motive being unknown but an open mind being kept to the possibility the vehicle may have possibly been ran off the road forcing it to divert off course into the forest where it was later found.

A 1966 Red Dodge Charger similar to the vehicle found at the scene
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