Opinion: We need to bury the CD Underground

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It seems not a month goes past without one group or another trying to out-do the last one in being the sickest individuals in Hathian.  For a while, it was the Hathian Ring, but thankfully  due to to the vigilance and investigations of the Hathian Police Department, they were dealt with and not before time, and it is a credit to those brave men and women in HPD that they have worked tirelessly to insure charges are pressed against those responsible including the financial backer and some would say brains of the operation or that absolute piece of crap that was the face of the organization (and who I won’t name because neither deserve the publicity).

However, now it seems there is a more serious and more imminent issue on the streets of Hathian, a shadowy group known as the CD Underground.  This group have over the past few months held auctions online via twitter putting people up for sale to be used, abused both physically and sexually, tortured, murdered and hacked to pieces.  Some of the images are so graphic we advice if you do go to research this group that you are aware that the pictures can be very graphic.

Worst of all is it would appear the victims are chosen at random, and none seem to be willing, again similar to the Hathian Ring. Though maybe the most unnerving part of this story is that no one knows who they are except for those involved and those in their inner circle who maybe assist or at least as guilty for continuing to hide the culprits knowing what they are capable of and the crimes they have so far committed.  They seem so well organized too, there doesn’t seem reports of people being taken, no one has managed to catch them when payments are made, this is (unlike the Hathian Ring) a very professionally ran operation which begs the question of just who is behind it, and do people really care enough to want to do something about the CD Underground?

Sadly the answer is no.  I have gone to Twitter to seek information, to call for people to do something and was met with the usual abuse from professional Twitter Trolls from this city that either find the ordeal these people go through amusing or simply don’t give a rats ass about their fellow humans, that insult and tell me to stop moaning and do something when if they actually read what I am saying would see I was asking others how much more of this we must put up with before the people say enough is enough and actually do something about it.  It appears I should not hold my breath as most don’t care, so long as it isn’t them, isn’t someone they know or care about then they seem to be indifferent, which I feel is a sad state of affairs.

We need to deal with the CD Underground, they need to be dealt with to the full extent of the law and only the people of Hathian can do that by going to the Hathian Police Department with any information they have about this organisation or you prefer contact me directly and in full confidentiality on Hathian 555-1673 or via twitter @Joannesteelsl.

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