Love Triangle turns into Deadly Rhombus

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On June 3rd, this reporter was the witness of strange events. We were at the Hathian Police Department regarding another story when a man, that was later identified as Ellis Millet, walked in and confessed to stabbing another citizen by the name of Camden Fabers. While he was being taken into custody, Millet only answered our questions with the following statement: “I’m making things right, but let it be known Camden ain’t no fucking innocent victim.”

When approached the following day for an interview, while still being in police custody, Mr. Millet shared with us his version of events. He was adamant that he would not share the names of others involved aside from his own and Camden Fabers’. According to Millet, he was hired to stab Camden by another man. That man had views on a woman Fabers was keeping away from him. After carrying on with the stabbing, Millet claims he learned his ’employer’ had tried to rape the woman, Camden defending her from him. In addition, Millet shared that Camden himself was apparently stalking the woman in question. With both men seemingly guilty, Millet made the decision to turn himself in. An attempt at redemption.

The story would end there if not for us investigating Fabers’ Twitter. What Millet would not give us, Mr. Fabers had it on display for all to see, dragging us deeper into the rabbit hole.

The woman being a victim in all of this we have decided to keep her anonymous.

She will be referred to as Mary for the rest of this story.

It appears that not only Millet did get hired but, if Fabers is to be believed, it was by a cop named Faolán Kavanagh. He also accused Kavanagh to have tried to rape Mary, stating he had footage of said assault. Fabers even went as far as to imply that Kavanagh made the report, regarding his assault by Millet, disappear. When reached for comments, Mary did not wish to share her views on this story. Kavanagh denied all the allegations against him even if he confirmed that Fabers had been stalking Mary. Fabers himself denies such a thing but did provide us with the CCTV footage of Kavanagh’s assault on Mary. We have embedded the video below.

((The video was of terrible quality and it would be impossible to verify the faces of the people on it. It shows a woman working out on the second floor of the Garage Gym. A man in street clothes walks up and slaps her around, trying to get close to her. The woman falls down and it is unclear if she was enjoying or resisting. Another man shows up and sees the assailant walking down the stairs. The new arrival punches him in the face and breaks his nose. They then get into a fight and go tumbling to the ground together. The new arrival’s nose is busted from a headbutt and he punches the assailant’s ribs having him scramble away to the door. Then the woman is shown helping the other man with his bleeding nose, sitting on his lap and eventually kissing before they both leave.))

The quality of the video only leaves us with uncertainties. And questions. In the web of lies those four have tangled themselves in, where is the truth? All we know for certain is that Fabers was stabbed by Millet. Is Millet a gun for hire? Did Kavanagh force himself upon Mary? Is Camden a stalker and not as innocent as he claims? Some of our sources confirm those allegations but without further proof we will leave it to our readers’ discretion whether they will keep a wary eye on those men.

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