Shootouts And Wild, Wild Women

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Mysterious vans. Massive gunfire. Explosions. Bodies hitting the pavement. Armed women in masks and stiletto boots. No, this is not the latest porn movie I watched in a fetal position. This is the reality of Hathian my friends. What kind of city are we living in when a person cannot just roam the streets freely without getting caught in the cross-hairs of gunfire? It is a sad city indeed.  On Saturday, May 26th, this was the scene that unfolded before my very eyes. Wake up Hathian! Desperation has hit the community. Why so much fuss over a research and lab van? It did not even say meth lab. I have heard rumblings of a similar incident that unfolded  in Little Asia involving a donut truck, and Hathian Police Department. It is not shocking that HPD decided to chase down a donut truck instead of ensuring the safety of the mass population near the City Garage.

Come on people. We cannot take our frustrations with the city “leadership” out on random research labs and pastry trucks. The show of combined force I witnessed was enough to convince me of the literal power our community holds. If anyone has any details on what was behind this senseless violence, please contact The Observer and share your story. Our professional journalists will protect your anonymity.

And to the masked women…any hot tub parties happening soon?


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