HPD Officers injured apprehending truck convoy

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Hathian Police Department

Two officers from Hathian Police Department were injured, though thankfully not seriously on Saturday Afternoon as they tried to apprehend one of the convoys that had been, as reported on 21st May (http://news.thecrackden.com/2018/05/21/local-motorcycle-gang-on-the-move/) set to move illegal arms and cash around Hathian on behalf of a local motorcycle gang.

The officers had been called to set up a barricade to stop one of the trucks, the truck however crashed through the barricade trapping officer Suki Sakamoto underneath, we have no update at present on Officer Sakamoto’s injuries though it is believed she was back at work after being checked over.  Once the truck had broken through the barriers Officer Bastet Vanek, a recent transfer from the Hathian Fire Department, gave chase, managing to catch the trucks she crashed her vehicles as the trucks swerved to a stop nearly hitting pedestrians. Officer Vanek gave pursuit and was heard to tell the suspects to surrender before they opened fire on her, returning fire it was was during this exchange that Officer Vanek was shot in the leg, the wound managed to miss anything major and although she should have been recovering the Officer was seen heading into HPD to write her report on the incident and has already returned to desk duty showing once again the dedication of HPD’s Officers to their job.

As yet the Observer has not reached out to Hathian Police Department for more information on arrests and what contraband they have managed to retrieve due to the ongoing investigation.

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