Your Tax Dollars Set Sail

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At approximately 7:30 PM Saturday evening, a Hathian police cruiser was discovered in the bayou near the red light district pier. The vehicle in question has been featured on several Twitter accounts as abandoned in front of the XXX Shop. The state of the police cruiser suggests that a local proprietor may have taken matters into their own hands to rid the area of a perceived eyesore. The unit was missing the passenger side window, and adorned a pink sex toy. It was unclear at the time this article was written if the sex toy was a standard fixture, or attached to send a message to Hathian Police Department.

Clearly, even the local wildlife experienced shock and confusion to see such an abomination sinking in Hathian’s eco-sensitive waters. Mind your checkbooks my fellow citizens. Hathian’s tax payers are surely going to see an increase in dues after the environmental clean up bill, and the cost to replace the police cruiser, come to fruition. City offices were closed at the time of article to field inquiries. Representatives for HPD had not returned phone calls, or able to make comment.

Citizens, we must hold our public servants accountable for such willful waste. Does the HPD not have a policy on returning squad cars to the garage? At close to $60,000 a unit, this is a hefty burden on an already low income city. This is an incident that should not be forgotten before the next city council meeting.

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