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We at Hathian Observer are saddened to update the recent story on the missing lawyer Orlando Woodbury.

Our reporters were called by an anonymous source with the news that the lawyer’s body was found burned beyond recognition.
However, due to items found upon the body, a formal identification could be made by someone who was close to the man: a necklace holding a key, which undeniably belonged to Mr. Woodbury, along with a number of personal effects that survived the blaze.

Our thoughts are with those effected by the tragedy, and we are aware that those closest to him have been informed of his passing. There will be a memorial service held soon for Mr. Woodbury, but they ask that donations be made to Unicef in his name rather than flowers. Donations can be made online or left at the office of Woodbury & Walker on King Street.

The memorial service will be held May 15th  at 12 pm (SLT). This may be subject to change due to availability of those organizing the service.

Again, our deepest condolences to one whom did his best to keep Hathian as safe as they were able, and who undoubtedly helped numerous people who came to the firm of Woodbury and Walker for guidance.

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