Arson Fire Damages Local Business

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Smoke and ash made it difficult to see in Hathian on April 16, 2018. Long after a fire had been set, the Fire Department of Hathian took to the streets and located a controllable and harmless fire contained to one shack on the beach. Being surrounded by sand, the fire was unable to spread. Pallets had been laid around and inside the abandoned building to keep the fire blazing. It was obvious that someone had committed an act of arson. Not long after the fire was snuffed out, smoke started to cloud the streets at another location. The Slab, a butcher shop that has been seeing less and less business over the last few years, was engulfed in flames.

By the time the FDH was able to get to the fire, a few people had taken to Twitter with the ordeal. There was suspicion that several people had been inside the building when the fire took place. Soon enough, that suspicion had become a chilling reality for those standing by. The owner of The Slab, Chasity Adachi, had been bludgeoned and left for dead amidst the flames and heated tiles. Gasoline and pallets had also been spread throughout the location, tying the two fires together that day. It is presumed that the first fire had been a diversion in order to ensure the death of Chasity Adachi and her cousin, Ori Adachi, who had also been in the building during the terrifying ordeal.

On Twitter – a social media platform that many criminals in Hathian use to boast about their activities – Voltiel Adachi openly admitted to setting both fires. Adachi posted a photo of one of the fires, captioning the image with the word ‘quiet’.

According to public records, Adachi is the former wife of Kiryu Hideyoshi, 30, of Hathian. Both Adachi and Hideyoshi were charged with a mass shooting in the HPD on November 11, 2017 and it is believed that she is involved with Hideyoshi’s family, which have been making quite a name for themselves within an organization known as The Order.

On April 26, the HPD located and took Voltiel into custody. The woman was spotted standing in the middle of the street, intoxicated and barely functional. She was released on April 29 on bail. It is unknown whether or not Adachi’s crimes have been motivated by the dramatic rise of criminal activity in Hathian or if this is some kind of act associated with The Order. In the past, Adachi has been heavily linked to several other gangs that have plagued the streets of Hathian including Tsurai and Sumfai, and it has been recognized that Voltiel has made a statement against her family and perhaps her past involvement with their criminal careers.

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