Police Still Have Made No Arrests in Slim Goodies Attack

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Local police have still made no arrests following a chemical attack that took place two weeks ago in the Slim Goodies Diner though the suspect, whom is highly believed by a few anonymous sources to be 26-year-old Max DeVille, still remains at large. The attack on the diner took place on the early morning of April 14, 2018 around 6 a.m., DeVille approaching the patron-filled diner and seeming to be recognized by quite a few of them by voice, despite wearing a mask to disguise his facial features. Sources then claim that DeVille, who appeared to be inebriated on something, spread his arms out theatrically, greeting the small crowd of roughly five people or so by stating, “Welcome to tonight’s edition of ‘Who Dares, Wins,’” this statement immediately being followed by the question of, “Who dares?”

During the budding altercation, wife of former Hathian mayor Karn Annaloro—identified via social media as being Clio Annaloro—had named DeVille as having been plotting to kidnap her infant son to another one of the diners’ patrons, whose name is currently unknown. Initially, the diner occupants had believed DeVille’s approach to have been some sort of prank, until he removed his top hat and flicked a switch on the homemade device, causing a timer to begin ticking, very much like a common bomb. DeVille taunted the patrons further before suddenly tossing the hat on the floor, barring the doors shut, and sending the occupants into an immediate state of panic. This panic only intensified once the unknown chemical compound was released into the air, drugging the patrons heavily until several were able to break a few windows and break free.

DeVille has quite a hefty criminal record, his crimes dating back several years now with former links to a group known as the Devouring, as well as his current organization, which hasthus far been named The Order. Some research has linked DeVille to the owner of the local Vudu Spice shop, a woman known only as Dark though whether that is her actual name is unknown. Dark and DeVille have also been linked to local criminal and business owner Kiryu Hideyoshi, who owns the local MB Inn Motel. The three are also claimed to be siblings to one another.

Back in September of 2017, the organization had been involved in a slew of grave robberies that took place in the local Hathian cemetery, during which several bodies, many of which belonged to the Crow family, were excavated. The bodies have still never been recovered. After September of 2017, however, the family’s criminal activity throughout the city has been sporadic. According to their criminal records, however, they have certainly not been idle over these past nine months, despite seeming to fall under the radar for the past few months. It’s safe to say that this is certainly not going to be the last we hear of The Order.

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