Attack Attack! Reporter’s Recovery

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The Follow Up on Joanne Steel

Approximately 5 weeks ago after leaving the bar at Lou’s, Observer reporter Joanne Steel was brutally attacked by two biker assailants. One identified as Ash (the sinner) Brinner, the president of the Orcus Samedi. All of this taking place after she held a conversation with one of it’s members, a set up? Coincidence? Joanne was rushed to the hospital and spent some time in a vegetative state unresponsive to her surroundings.

But like a kicking bull Ms. Steel has recovered from her injuries but has not made a complete recovery and return to work just yet. After such an ordeal who can blame her for choosing to remain in the blind spots of the Hathian. The suspects in the attack still remain on the loose and there has been no word from the cops on any arrests. Typical. Have no fear, Joanne, justice will be served! Nonetheless, we at the Observer are hoping for her complete recovery and truly wish her well!

*If any information lies on the arrest of suspects please drop off any information to the Observer*

Joanne Steel Alive and Well!
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