Interview with Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci

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I had the opportunity to speak to local business man Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci.  During the interview Mr Dravonicci made some bold claims, as well as detailed some things which people will no doubt go out of their way to be offended by, you’re welcome.


Hathian Observer:  “Take a seat then and we can begin, so where do you want to start? maybe something about yourself and your history?”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci:  ” Well… I was born in New York, Little Italy. My mom and her husband moved to Des Moines, for some reason. But it don’t get good until I turned 16. After the death of my only living guardian left, I went to the streets. Learned the ups and downs, started smoking pot all the time. I’m a big bastard, and learned how to kick some ass from just about everyone. Eventually I got made friends with the big dog up there, some cat named Jesse. He ended up dead one night when I wasn’t around to save his skin. That… That is when I met his supplier. Then I become king of Des Moines. Over night, about a thousand small dealers popped up, and within a year… They were all either dead, or working for me.”

Hathian Observer: “So you pretty much got promoted through the ranks of the Des Moines drugs network? What happened after your were finally the main supplier in Des Moines, I mean I’m assuming you were thinking of expansion across state then?”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “Not really. The local MC up there still hired me from time to time for added muscle, so much so that they gave me my own kutte. I wore that thing all the time. I added steel plates in the lining, making it good against most conventional small arms.  My supplier supplies most of New York, New Orleans, and Des Moines through me. I never really considered taking the state… I was making enough money as it was, and everyone treated me like a King. They still do when ever I go back to Iowa.”

Hathian Observer: “So that is pretty much how you ended up in Hathian, saw the opportunity to further expand and took the territory for yourself so you had a base to work from to supply the South rather than having to transport everything from the Mid-West and spend money you didn’t necessarily need to spend.”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “Oh no no… My ending up here was…. See one day the bikers went out on a charity ride. Well the Vice President’s old lady bout coke from me all the time. This particular time, she was strapped for cash, so I took sex in trade.  That’s how I got my daughter Lucy… Well when the VP and the rest got back, and he found out she was pregnant he got pissed. No one knew who’s it was yet though, cause she wouldn’t say. But… “

“Once little Lucy was born, and they saw her warm brown eyes -my eyes; they all knew… So, they went to my place, threw my cloths out the window, and set them on fire. I was lucky enough to not be there at the time. But, that was when I decided I had worn out my welcome, so I slashed the gas lines to the bikes, and stole the VP’s motorcycle…. Right now it is still rusting about three miles north of Hathian along the side of the road. I made it clear to my sellers I’m still in charge, and they have a person that deposits the money into a bank account after cleaning it. So I still have those funds coming in.”

Hathian Observer: “That sure explains how you manage to keep supplies coming in.   So that has allowed you to have all the finances you need to set up in business here and have the supplies and trade routes in place to not have some of the major issues someone less organized would probably run into?”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “That’s right. The only problem I have ran into so far, is the fact this town is already over run with fucking dealers.  I couldn’t even get employees that ain’t afraid of a gun at first.  But now? Shit. Thanks to my first Hathian worker, and me finally getting my head out of my ass, and really focusing on it, things are starting to pick up. Got a little network of informants, three workers, but one is… Primarily muscle. I have plans though. I’m gonna control the coke weed and heroine trade in this town, just like I do up north. The only competition I’ll tolerate is the pot shop.  That Wolf guy, is a good fella. Anyone of my aunt’s friends, is a friend of mine.”

Hathian Observer: “So are you finally at a position where you are the only dealer in town for the rest of the stuff, H, Coke, and whatever else you sell or are you still dealing with pretenders, and if so do you have a message you would like to send out to them?”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “Not yet. I’ sure there is still a crap load of competition. but as for a message… Get out of the drug trade, or join me. Or… You can always end up as my next meal, and I don’t mean that figuratively..”

Hathian Observer: “I’m curious but how do you deal with local law enforcement, I assume in your line of business it is a hazard of the job, getting busted by the law”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “Law enforcement?  I never carry, unless I know I’m going to get rid of it in a few minutes. I don’t handle my own sales, expect for a select few clients, like you. A for getting busted, the only fear I have is my woman busting my balls for it.  Besides, they would need come kind of evidence other than just this news paper confession. No on person proof, no arrest. I was a cop here in town for a while, it served it purpose. I figured out how they operate, the chain of command, and which cops are actually working, and which ones just straight up are too damn trigger happy.”

Hathian Observer: “So I suppose it has to be asked but other than narcotics, what else does your organization offer to the people of Hathian?  And as you say you never take unnecessary risks are we to assume that, anyone considering working for you, would find your pay scheme to be most rewarding if they were to switch employers?”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “Social services. Sorta like a mercenary. I work with a PI from time to time, using my network of contacts to help find info or missing people.  With me they get an understanding boss. I don’t mind if someone has to burst a baggie, just so it don’t end up as evidence, or so someone can’t steal it. The stealing is a real disrespect for me. I’m a Dravonicci, and no one steals from a Dravonicci. We gladly feast on the flesh of those who steal, harm, or other wise impede our family. Not just idle words.”

Hathian Observer: “I think I have heard of your father.. Are there any more services that you offer, or anything else that you can, for the right price, supply to the people of Hathian.”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “My father… Derek. Is scum. That’s all I have to say about him.  Well… If someone needs to keep their hands clean, but still wants to have someone beaten or hurt, I could be persuaded to do it for them.  For the right price of course. But I don’t do abductions.  That’s a messy business, and takes too much time. I prefer to settle things with a good stabbing followed by a beating, or vice versa.  A barb wire wrapped ball bat, or a crow bar. One of my best uses a hand axe a woman that I call Feral.  Other than that, I can only offer drinks. And I would like to add that the bar Bon Temps is in no way associated with my drug selling.  When I am there, I am a bartender, and I keep that side of my income outside the door.”

Hathian Observer: “Considering what we have discussed today so far I am guessing that defending your territory, your employers, your supplies and everything else must mean having to deal with people in whatever way gets your message across for them not to mess with you so can you tell me about some of your arrests as I am guessing that you are not a stranger to having to serve some Jail time every now and again when things don’t go as planned.”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “Believe it or not, I have only been arrested three times out side of Hathian.  I’ve been in shoot outs with the MC from Des Moines against other people.  Been in knife fights in bars and in alleys. Drug deals that go south, and once the blades stop flashing, me and my supplier normally take the drugs and his money and go.  I shot one guy in the head in a bar back north. Broke a couple of necks, and uh…  Well my first kill was the man I thought was my dad.  I beat his head in with a broom until it broke.  Then I used the jagged end to stab him through the heart.  A lot of bad blood boiled to the surface that night.  My two most recent kills though was a nun here in town. I knifed her in the ribs and she bled out at the corner of Battle and the Hathian Highway. The one before that was the VP of the MC back home. He yanked my daughter up by her hand and dislocated her shoulder.  At only a few months old. The MC turned on him for it, held him in a garage until I made it back. I spent a few hours torturing him with fire, knife and salt… Then I crucified him and burned him alive….  I have hardly had to kill anyone since I got to this town.  Nearly killed one guy in a bar fight at Bon Temps but…. Well my woman came in. She’s the only person who can get me to stop.”

Hathian Observer: “So that is people you have had to deal with personally, but tell me, are there others, people you have had others deal with on your behalf, people either beneath you to deal with personally or that you have until now not wanted to be distance from involvement with.”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “Well yeah.. I’ve had nearly four dozen people killed, or hurt badly back home. I myself have a body count of twelve. Only one here in town. Normally I try to distance myself from the violence, but not because I can’t fight. Truth be told I love to fight. But it’s not always time friendly to solve every business problem myself. Hence the need for employees. Now, every personal matter, or when I’m acting as hired muscle for my supplier then I get my hands dirty. Someone comes after me personally, or my family, or someone I care about, that makes it personal enough for me to take up the bat and start looking for them. Like I said, I don’t do abductions, just too time consuming. Break someone’s legs and drag the barb wire down their back. Break their jaw, or give them a nice smile ear to ear with a knife. I’ve given a couple of my own workers back north a gruesome grin, because of rape.  That’s another thing, anyone that works for me is expected to uphold some semblance of honor. No rape, no exploiting someone’s family. Rapist deserve nothing but a crucifixion and to be set on fire.”

Hathian Observer: “So how do you feel about what you have done, I mean what is your thought process when you commit some of the crimes that you commit, some of the people you injure, maim or even kill, do you have any guilt at times over the things that you have done and do you have any regrets about them or anything else you have done in your life that you maybe would have preferred to go another way.”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “Honestly, the only time I ever regret the things I do and have done is when I hold my children.  I want them to grow up good, I have no doubts in my mind that I am a bad guy, a villain, a monster in my own way.  Even a bit of a demon at times,  as it stands, I am set for the rest of my life, but I want to have enough to set my children up for life as well.  To make sure they get into one of fancy ivy league schools.  A place that, when some law firm or hospital sees it on a resume, they think, ‘yup, we need this person’.  So they won’t have to kill and destroy to make a living.  So they can be someone different, someone…. Good.  I won’t let anything get in my way of this. I’ll burn half the world if I have to, but I will not let my children live the same life I have led… even if they do have Dravonicci blood in their veins.  People like me are more than genetics, it’s a mix of the right environment, and catalysts.  I will always try my best to keep them from those conditions, and give them the right kind of opportunity. As for my thought process when I do some of the terrible shit I do…  I try not to think about it, or I just get swept up in rage when I do them. It’s hard to do business with corpses, so I try to use my words first. But once in a while my temper gets the better of me, then shit goes sideways, and it’s just thoughts of survival.”

Hathian Observer: “You talk about the Dravonicci blood, but as I remember it your family, not just Derrick, but others in your family have a reputation for… I can’t remember but you know where I am going with that line of questioning.”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “My family is a delightful group of multiple personalities, cannibals, mass murders, and demons. Even I fall into more then a few of those categories. But my children have at least one parent that isn’t a monster that contributed to their blood. It’s my hope that with the right guidance, and motivation, and situations that they will be better. It’s no secret that my father Derek, alias Virus, alias Specter was a horrible person. I’m sure there are a few people in town from when he lived here that remember him. But Jo, when you’re own first born son would rather see you dead with your head cut off, than healthy and holding a grandchild, that says something.  My brother Damian and I are nothing alike, and it is because my father never even knew I existed. I’m the way I am not only due to the Dravonicci blood, but due to the way I grew up. And the life that followed.  And if my good for nothing daddy is reading this, then I hope he realizes he shall never see his grandchildren. They are better off with out him as am I.”

Hathian Observer: “Do you think you name may be part of your success, you are not your Father’s son, you are your own man but maybe that name gives you some leverage over people because they know your father, know the family name and reputation so aren’t too keen to do anything to get on your wrong side in case you turn out to be more like them than they think, despite the fact you actually are not in reality”

Rick ‘Twisted’ Dravonicci: “Make no mistake. I am a Dravonicci. I am my own man, but I am much like my family…  I wasn’t always a Dravonicci though.  See, my mother came to this country pregnant, she met a man named Constantine. They married and moved to Des Moines. At the time, I think my father Derek was still in Italy. I only changed my name once I learnt of my true parentage.  I have a friend in HGH to thank for that. That an our similarities in the face and size.  Plus I have always been ridiculously hard to put down.  That’s the Dravonicci blood, but up until a few months ago my name was Richard Vitto Constantine, not Dravonicci.  I should get back home. Ash is most likely wondering where I am with the groceries. Chaos forbid I piss off that pregnant red head.”

Hathian Observer: “Thanks for the interview Rick.”

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