Howlers: A Grand Re-Opening

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Dimly lit spaces, the stench of booze and roaring music are all vital pieces within Hathian’s nightlife. However, with citizens frequenting the same clubs and bars over and over again, these places end up blurring into each other over time. Eventually, they begin to serve no greater purpose than providing a mediocre background for the night to come.

All it took was an accidental fire for something great to rise from the ashes and change that.
Enter Howlers, new and improved.

While some of you may be familiar with the old edition of the bar, the recent accident has forced the owner to remodel and rebuild the establishment. This sparked the fuse that would turn Howlers into the totally new and innovative design that stands today. Complete with a dormant train and a hot tub in the back, it’s definitely a fresh gem in town. Grady, the owner of Howlers, has even hired a new staff and DJ to complete the makeover.

Howlers will be hosting a grand re-opening party on March 27th at 5pm SLT. Cat Mason will be DJing and the whole event is Quentin Tarantino themed. Come dressed as a character and party with the rest to support the re-opened business in all its glory

It’s a night you can’t afford to miss.

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