Multiple arrests made Saturday afternoon

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(photo courtesy of Jackson Cooper)

The Hathian Police Department put on a strong show of force on Saturday afternoon when they raided the Labour Union yard during an event held by the Hathian Ring.  The event, the third held by this organization featured sexual content as well as a officer from Hathian Police Department that had been kidnapped who was forced to fight against their will and for her live.  A journalist from the Hathian Observer was also kidnapped and held in a cell slightly behind the ring and later on during the event and a member of the public who came to help the officer forced into the cage that the Officer had previously occupied.

The Hathian Police vehicles and heavily armoured officers some in riot gear raided the yard just before 3pm, and were able to free the three hostages as well as make multiple arrests including what appears to be most of the ring leaders, organizers and other Ring staff involved at the event. Hathian Police department have yet to be contacted about this story but it is believed that the operation was 100% successful and there were no reports of any serious injury though one or two people were treated for the effects of tear gas which was used as the police forced their way inside to make arrests and free hostages and audience alike.

(Headline Photo courtesy of Jackson Cooper)
(All other photo courtesy of VFV Photography)

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