Breaking The Circle – The End Of The Hathian Ring

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Normally this is where you would be able to read a review of the latest event held by the criminals of the Hathian Ring.  It is probably no secret by now, but as the first reporter to report from one of their shows I was pretty much forced into a position of having to attend all shows, as my editor explained it is better they know you are there and can see you than they start harassing innocent people accusing them of being reporters spying for the police.  He of course has a point, as I would later learn few in that organization were aware of my presence and at first begrudgingly accepted it until they worked a way to use it to their advantage.

You see, I was so disgusted at that first show I HAD to leave, it was too bloody, too brutal, I could barely stomach what I was seeing and yes I admit it I was scared too, it was the first time I had experienced anything like I felt being sat there watching in horror and disgust. I felt like being there I was forgoing any integrity I had as a reporter by being there, and writing about the sick and twisted things I was seeing, and actually sully this newspaper with a report on what these damn psychopaths had been up to all in the name entertainment.

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Of all the news stories in Hathian, no matter how unsavoury they are, the first two Hathian Ring events are the worst things I have seen in all my years as a reporter for different news agencies. But THANKFULLY this month is different, this month there will be no report, no recounting of the sick display I have been forced to witness first hand at the Hathian Ring, no drinking heavily to forget what I had seen and best of all NO MORE HATHIAN RING courtesy of the brave and noble officers of the Hathian Police Department who raided this shit-show bringing an end to it’s organizers reign of terror.  But this story goes much deeper than that, so let me take you back in time and start at the beginning.

You see as I have said earlier for that first Hathian Ring show in December I ended up leaving I was so disgusted at what I said, unfortunately I was now obliged then to cover all future shows as I had been the reporter to attend the first show, I had been the stupid bitch that volunteer which goes to show you you should never volunteer for jack shit as it only leads to trouble.  Still against my better judgement and my increasing unease I attended the second show in January and again like the previous event I found it disgusting and when it came to writing it I tried to not spare any details while also making sure it come across that I hated being there, hated the show, the people organizing it, their ‘attractions’ and everything involved with it.  Unfortunately they seemed to thing the opposite and in February Xelan Morgath the organizer of the Hathian Ring visited me at the Hathian Observer offices on Bourbon.

This psychopath made it very clear to me that she  liked my reviews, that in their sick and twisted minds these assholes saw any publicity as good publicity, and that they wanted me to continue writing.  Naturally I refused, despite what most may think of me I know right from wrong and I told Morgath my opinion of her, the Hathian Ring and their show and said I wouldn’t that is when I was offered money (which would subsequently be given to charity that helps victims of violent crime).  I refused again and indicated I wanted her to leave which she complied with but not without getting the last word in, this is when I was warned that I had two options to either write a review of the show, or, to become part of the show.

Naturally I was scared having attended the first two showed I had an idea what my fate may be and so I thought hard and long about my options, I spoke to my colleagues at the Observer and when I told them what was happening they gave me their  very frank and honest opinions as they were concerned for my safety, and I am grateful to them for their help and advice in making me come to a decision.   I had planned to go to the event, to comply and do what they said to report it but a worried colleague was concerned it would be a trap, that something would happen when I was there and I was worried because it had occurred to me already, it had been a concern but to hear a colleague say it bought it home to me how much of a risk I was taking with my life and what a step into the unknown potentially I would be taking.

On Thursday morning, I rang up Louie Armstrong Airport in New Orleans and bought a ticket to London, England, my plan was simple, head to the UK for a few weeks, and wait it out till it was safe to come back.  I was all packed and ready to go when a tall well built woman with a French accent knocked at my door wanting to talk to me, she showed me a Police Badge and she was invited in as her ID seemed legitimate and she said had explained she was investigating the Hathian Ring so naturally I wanted to comply and help as best as I could.  It was not long after she entered and I became suspicious of her line of questioning and that I was subsequently attacked.

When I woke up I was stripped only given my jacket, smokes, and pen and pad back and forced into a cage where I would be kept early Saturday Afternoon I would guess.  While there HPD Officer O’Neil was also bought in and she was stripped completely an act to try give the impression of favouritism though it was little more than a way to get me to do what they want, the Officer of course saw through their bullshit game immediately and remained strong and stoic through her ordeal.  The next day this pregnant tub of lard, came in and we had a brief exchange of views as i tried to make her see sense and release me.  The fat retard lost her shit and she bought a dog into my cell and set it on me inflicting bites on my left ankle and left arm and it would have been much worse had Xelan Morgath not appeared, and thankfully Miss Blobby listened to her friend/boss.  The attack stopped but Morgath wouldn’t stop with the insults and threats, and once again there were more threats that I would be forced to fight the Officer O’Neil, that I would be killed if I didn’t comply and write the news article but no they added the extra stipulation that they would read what I had written and if they never liked it then I’d be in trouble.  I fell apart after what had happened with the dog but it was thanks in no small part to the words of Officer O’Neil that I pulled myself together and smartened up to these two mad bitches games.

During my conversation with the Lardo McLardass, a few things came to light, these lunatics were nothing more than vigilante criminals that thought they could take the law into their own hands and punish people they accused the Hathian Police Department of not dealing with them.  While I will as anyone that reads the Observer will know have been a long-time critic of the tactics of the Hathian Police Department it is hard to look past the fact they are under funded and under staffed especially given the seemingly spiraling rate of crime in Hathian and the surrounding districts on top of gator attacks as they come in off the bayou in search of food.  This fat moronic pile of “I never knew that stacked shit so high” then goes on to claim that the people involved in the ring, those forced to dance, to screw, to fight, were all PAID, yes you heard that right this damn idiot was trying to say that the people beating the shit out each other were paid to do so and did so willingly.  Of course this is instantly proved to be false by the fact that in the first two Hathian Ring shows there were two fatalities, a kidnap victim tied up and later sold on for God knows what,  and the guy in the fight at the first show looked like he had been juiced up on something as he seemed to be almost rabid, a sentiment shared by one of the members of the audience that recognized the man.

And then there was the kidnapping of myself and Officer O’Neil, they never once offered to pay her, they did however threaten that if she never fought then they would bring her back out with a hood over her head, accuse her of some heinous and taboo crime, and execute her, this makes me thing the woman in the first show more likely than not refused to fight and was executed for it under the false accusation that she had done something reprehensible which now looks highly doubtful.

(photo courtesy of Jackson Cooper)

While I was sympathetic to the ordeal the pregnant woman had gone through, and it disgusted me to hear the details which as much as I hate the woman I can’t repeat here as it would be unfair on her to repeat it, it still DOES NOT give anyone the right to take the law into their own hands and it certainly does not give them permission to act as judge, jury and in some cases executioner either.  In the article I posted independently of the Observer I said that the ‘Ring Was A Lie”  and pretty much detailed some of the things I have detailed in this article but I hope you the reader will see through the lies the likes of Xelan Morgath, her friend/girlfriend and this mysterious Charles guy, along with everyone else associated with the Hathian Ring, has been peddling about this being entertainment, or some messed up form of justice, it is a small number of people with a God complex with sick and twisted for blood, gore, violence and death  trying to justify the unjustifiable, it is a bunch of people that have rightfully been locked up in jail and will hopefully will feel the full penalty of the law,



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