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Dearest Citizens of Hathian, Louisiana, I am here bringing some gruesome news today. On March 1st at around 5pm and 11:30pm, murder was committed in your local city’s bar called Lou’s.

Lou’s holding their weekly “Thirsty Thursdays! Come get your brews for 4 dollars!”

Lou’s proprietor Loz seemed to have been in the middle of some sort of altercation. With who exactly? Now your lovely news writer has tried very hard to get the whole story. Though there is a speculation leading to Bikers! That is right folks.

Now to the victims who were involved in this entire mess at the bar, obviously Loz being one of them lying in the pool of blood. Dalton Martin, a female who was brutally murdered during the time of the scene; details of how she was murdered cannot be disclosed as not much detail was given. Another who has been critically injured by being pistol whipped to the head and a stab wound to the side was a man named Garret. So much blood has been shed. Why were these victims being harassed by bikers? Did these people do something wrong to get in the bad graces of these bikers? Who knows?

Officers and paramedics arrived on the scene later that evening, tending to the wounded, and questioning witnesses after the murder had happened. Will Hathian Police Department take action on these bikers? Or will another crime happen soon enough? Can we be rest assured, as citizens of Hathian city, that we will be safe?

To the murder victim that fell into the hands of these so called Bikers of Hathian my heart goes out towards you Dalton Martin. With the Hathian Observer and I myself, Dalton Martin may you find peace. May the other victims of this horrible crime recover in good health.

Now some of you may wonder who I am as a writer of the local news. I will not disclose my name for safety reasons. Though I will say this if you have any details about this scene that has happened that night. Please don’t hesitate to leave me mail at Hathian Observer. Together we can expose those who rightfully need to be exposed.

Your Local News Reporter,

-Silent Nightjar


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