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It was almost two weeks ago when a member of the public came forward with a video recording (due to cell phone issues the video starts off as audio only).  In this cell phone recorded conversation as you will see and hear it is heavily suggested that a current serving member of the Hathian Police Department attacked another man, who we suspect may also have been at the time a serving officer also with HPD, causing potentially life threatening injury to this man.  Due to the nature of the evidence we have taken all precautions to ensure that the footage is genuine and have had it analyzed professionally to validate it’s authenticity.  We have redacted reference to specific people in compliance with privacy laws.  While it would appear this has been dealt with as an internal issue, it is worrisome to think that this sort of crime is potentially being hidden from the public by some members of the local law enforcement.


(transcript of recorded audio only)
Police Officer: (scoffs) “I had a breakdown. I literally have no memory of doing anything to you. I’m serious. I can show you my file if you don’t believe me. Something traumatic happened and it put me over the edge.” (pause) “Listen, I do apologize for..the unpleasantness. But, before that, I was very supportive of your career, right? I would like us to get back to that positive working atmosphere. So, again, how do I regain your trust?” (pause) “Though, I do recall you not exactly keeping my trust by telling certain things to your criminal friend.”

(description & transcript of recorded audio & video)
Man: (pause while some unrecorded action takes place) “You might not remember, but I’ll never forget. I lost half a kidney that night.” (filming is unnoticed) “Earn my trust? Man, that’ll be a long time to rebuild. Worst thing ever, to lost trust in another uniform. I can’t go in the field with you. I won’t know if you have my back or plan to let someone try to take me out, just to serve your own ends.” (the man lets the shirt fall back into place as Officer continues on) “He deserved to know.”

Police Officer: (appears to be looking at a old scar) “Oh, dear God, [redacted]. If you want to be on my bad side, fine. I am literally apologizing. I never apologize. I don’t even remember doing it.” (the man rubs the back of his head and narrows his eyes) “My personal life is none of [redacted]’s fucking business. And, again, you decided to betray my trust, that of a fellow officer, to keep a little criminal happy. There are consequences to that, [redacted]. [redacted] I faced consequences. You faced the consequence of backstabbing me.” (he gestures towards the other man’s torso) “But, you clearly would rather stay angry than try to understand.”

Man: (folding his arms) “What are you expecting me to say, [redacted]? Don’t worry, it’s ok you tried to kill me? Water under the bridge? It don’t work like that. Yeah, I told [redacted] about what was going on. My personal life is my decision to divulge. Just because it involved you, doesn’t mean you get to dictate how I live. [redacted] He deserved the truth. HPD and Criminal had no part in that. [redacted] doesn’t get special treatment where it comes to the law. So don’t try pulling that shit that I betrayed a fellow officer for a criminal, bullshit. It had nothing to do with on duty work.” (he nods his head) “[redacted] You’re lucky you didn’t go to jail and lose everything. So, yeah, you faced consequences. Severely diminished consequences. I could have taken it legal and gone after your badge as a whole, but I didn’t. I didn’t try to get you put behind bars, either. So remember that when you suggest that I’m on your ‘bad side’, [redacted]. You tried to kill me. That’s a little bit beyond telling [redacted] that we had an affair.” (the man cringes) “[redacted] has nothing to worry about, though. Cause it ain’t ever gonna happen again.”

Police Officer: (steps back) “Oh, so I get punished in a work related capacity for something that happened between the two of us. But you’re free to run your mouth to anyone you want.” (folding his arms, frowning) “Oh, right, [redacted]. Cause I’d really go to jail at a station where people are burned in parking lots. Right.” [redacted] was not my lover,” (laughing) “He was a moronic, needy bitch that I used to get info. That’s it. If anyone deserved to know, it was [redacted]. You see, a side piece like [redacted] isn’t entitled to know about another side piece. Not when I’m already cheating on my spouse. And we did not have an affair, [redacted]. We had sex. That’s it. Horrible, lifeless sex. I have literally never met anyone worse in bed. I have never had to pretend so much in my life.” (pause) “Why would [redacted] worry? I mean, yes, he wants to kill you. Yes, out of decency, I told him no. But, since we are apparently going to be enemies anyway..” (appears to shrug and turn, filming still unnoticed)

Man:  “You got punished in a work-related capacity because you commit a crime, [redacted]! Which is directly related to your work!” (pause) “Claim what you like, [redacted]. Side piece, whatever. Unlike [redacted], I ain’t, and never was in love. Whether or not it was good for you, doesn’t really matter to me. I got off just fine. Women seem to enjoy me just fine. So, clearly it was you.” (seen grinning) “I don’t intend to be enemies, [redacted]. But your attempt to kill me, pretty much eliminated the hope of being friends, too.”


At the time of press, the Observer attempted to speak to a representative from the Hathian Police Department to comment on this audio and video footage, which had been passed along to the reporter. However, when approached, an Officer Porkins declined to comment at the current time, though he did assist in giving us the address and number for a cake store he highly recommends.

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