More Victims Kidnapped by Local MC Speak Out

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taken by Valmont Marseille

A few days ago, the Hathian Observer was able to break the story about how the Orcus Samedi Motorcycle Club (OSMC) was allegedly implicated in the kidnapping of multiple women across Hathian, and we appealed for victims or witnesses to come forward.  Over the past weekend, two women came forward independently of each other to tell the story of what they claim happened to them at the hand of the OSMC.  For the protection of the victims identity, the Hathian Observer will not use their reveal their real names and refer to them simply as Victim A and Victim B.

Victim A and Victim B said they were part of a group of four friends enjoying a girls night out at a local Hathian nightspot when the attack occurred.  Both Victim A and Victim B indicated that one by one each of the four members of their group were snatched, a drug being used via what the victims described as a pin to sedate them.  Victim A said she tried to escape and was shot in the process before being dragged away by the men.  Both victim then describe the  horror of waking up and finding themselves locked in what amounted to a kennel type cage in a basement in a unknown location.

Victim A describes a man with a dark beard and a braid mocked her, and described how he wanted to “see how long she lasted,” indicating that they possibly had no intention of letting any of the victims leave, and threateningly said that they “had plans” for Victim A and another victim with her.  The victim said she was sold by the biker that she would be used as a sex slave, sold to anyone wanting to have intercourse with them for a price.  Most disgusting of all they said that should the victims become pregnant then the infants would be taken to be sold on the black market to the highest bidders.

The victims also described how their family was threatened unless she complied and any attempt to starve themselves would be met with the forcing of tubes down their throat to force feed them to keep them in captivity longer. In addition to it was also detailed most of the captives were sexually abused with them describing how one victim was so traumatized she would wake up screaming.

The Hathian Observer has a full graphic account of the details of these two brave victims ordeal, but the details are so shocking and disgusting that we feel it in the public interest not to disclose these details at the present time except to say that judging by the bruising, cuts, scrapes, broken limbs and other assorted injuries both women had it was lucky that they were able to escape this physical and mental torment that they were victim to and exposed to.

Both victims have since received medical assistance, and the Observer would like to thank them both for their bravery in speaking out after such a terrible ordeal and wish them a well in their long road to recovery.  If true, this could possibly be more evidence of illegal activities by the OSMC. We would hope now with the witness evidence from the three victims that have come forward there is an investigation into the OSMC and if they are guilty of the crimes claimed against them that the case is pursued to the fullest of the law.

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