CU Track and Field 2017 begins!

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The new season of Columtreal University Track and Field has now begun! The last session of tryout was held a few weeks ago. The new team roster includes our Vets who took us to Nationals in the previous years: the adorably doe eyed cutie, Fawnie Dimple, the rugged bad boy, Blue Steel of the Sigma Tau Delta Fraternity,and Duncan Parx of the Sigma Tau Delta Fraternity-The President to be exact!

We welcome two new comers, Lylah Brooks and Buck Dimple!
Fawnie Dimple will remain as team captain.
However there was a somewhat shocking change involving Bunni Crisman. Initially she had agreed return to her position as coach. We later learned that she decided to step down to instead compete alongside the team! We look forward to seeing what she and the others can do this year!
The team has already begun training and prepping for the state wide meet in Baton Rouge!


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