Local Doctor Found Dead

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A female body was discovered at the local Hathian cemetery on the evening of August the 9thand was taken to Hathian General Hospital where upon arrival, it was discovered that the body was one Matsume Kapur. After a thorough examination, the cause of death was ruled to be blunt force trauma and internal bleeding. No witnesses have come forth at this time, but members of the Hathian Police Department believe the death to be premeditated murder.

The police have only one suspect at this time, Rami Kapur, Matsume Kapur’s own uncle. Ms. Kapur was a surviving witness of Rami Kapur’s alleged pedophilia and homicide accusations. Other witnesses that had come forth to testify against Mr. Kapur have turned up either missing or deceased.

Please call the Hathian Police Department at <555-8066> if you find someone matching the description of Mr. Kapur. He should be considered dangerous so do not attempt to approach yourself. Mr. Kapur is described as 5’9”, 180 lbs with a slender build. Medium to dark skin tone, short black hair, brown eyes, and in his late 40’s.

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