I Scream, You Scream…

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By:  Doniella Maddox


I scream, you scream…. well this is Hathian, so that’s not at all uncommon, but for once, that old jingle can be completed.

On Wednesday, June 14th, a brand new Ice Cream parlor in Hathian opened its air-conditioned doors! Sundae School is a bright and cheerful place in a dark and dreary town and boasts a broad selection of your favorite frozen delicacy flavors from your standard chocolate and vanilla, to a rather interesting flavor called Margarita ice!

The store has a Grand Opening celebration this coming Wednesday, June 21st, the first official day of summer! According to the store’s owner, Jasmine Hands, everything on the menu will be 50% off for that day only.  She also promised that if the Twitter handle @CD_SundaeSchool gets 200 followers by that time, everything for the day will be FREE! Everyone is invited to come by Sundae School and test out some of their amazing flavor selection.

Ms. Hands also asked me to advertise here, that she is currently hiring for all staff! If you are interested in working at the shop for decent pay and, I’d say a killer benefit, then contact her at 225-423-2736 ((IM Syn Lemon)), at the shop’s Twitter @CD_SundaeSchool or her own Twitter handle of @_Jasmine_RP to set up an interview!

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