City Council Woman Delivers On Promise

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A small, new substation for the Fire Department of Hathian has been completed recently and is now in operation in Devils Pocket, just south of Hathian.

City councilwoman Charis Lemoine had held talks with FDH Captain Dimitri Rousseau months earlier, and during these discussions, Ms Lemoine promised to give the FDH – a short staffed and under budgeted department – a much needed boost.

The city councilwoman who was elected not too long ago, delivered.

Land was bought and work started almost immediately after the talks after Ms Lemoine had pledged and delivered funds from her personal foundation that meant the new substation could be built.

The station may only have two bays, but it is well supplied. Capt. Rousseau issued this statement, “On tha behalf of tha FD an’ myself, I’d like to extend our thanks an appreciation ta Ms Lemoine, all of her generous donation has been spent on the new substation. It is rare when a politician actually do wha’ they say they will—but in this case, Ms Lemoine surprised me, us all. This good act will not be forgotten by the EMTs and firefighters of this city.”

Other agendas remain for the city council to address, but it seems that this act of good will to the EMS and Fire department has been warmly accepted by the FDH.



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